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Let's say our svn repository will be called "admin".# cfagent.conf: read by cfagent # Classes: are good place to create aliases for group of hosts.This will make bootstrapping new CFEngine’d hosts a breeze. These options, when combined, allows you to specify the IP address of a policy server on the command line.Also, as usual, a bunch of new features and bug fixes also made it into the release. The IP address will then be used when the bootstrapped node pulls for policy updates.

Sometimes cf-serverd is seen to use a lot of CPU time or memory, but it might also be using close to zero CPU.Also note that it cannot be changed since it is embedded (and this is why it is so simple), but the policy that gets pulled down is of course entirely up to you.Until now, we have assumed that the policy server is already set up for us in advance.This tutorial assumes: One last note: at a very minimum you can think of cfengine server as a configuration file server, and cfengine client as a cron job that wakes up every so often to connect to that file server (pull strategy) and compare if the client is up-to-date with those configurations. But this is at a minimum what you can think cfengine does if you don't know what it is.There is a way to avoid the pull strategy, and make cfengine server interfere with the execution timing or commands, namely utilizing cfrun.The fine documentation will explain the process of generating the keys with the command , and copying/renaming the keys appropriately.