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What's more, when you donate I will change the colour of your on-screen chat name to show that you are a supporter!

Since I don't run ads during the stream, donations are very much appreciated and help me stay as a full-time content creator.

Toggle bolts, especially snap toggle bolts, can be effective when mounting to new drywall but you should always check the load capacity for each bolt and use the correct number.

If your wall seems flimsy, you’re usually better off drilling directly into studs and securing the mount with lag bolts.

Talk show audience coordinators, like Keith Quinones, former coordinator for , wants you to bring your best to the program.

They want you to be enthusiastic and involved in the show.

Legendary Builds provides in-game pro tips, full Buy and Skill order, Runes and Masteries pages for each pro build and live tracking of your CS and Gold standing compared to the pro player you follow!

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But being an audience member is a bit more tricky than that.

If you choose to mount your bracket directly onto your wall studs, you’ll want to make sure you know exactly where they are.

One of the easiest ways to find studs is to use a stud finder.

Jyrki Kuoppala pushed Jarkko to ask Oulu University to free the IRC code so that it also could be run outside of Oulu, and after they finally got it released, Jyrki Kuoppala immediately installed another server. Jarkko got some friends at the Helsinki University and Tampere University to start running IRC servers when his number of users increased and other universities soon followed.

At this time Jarkko realized that the rest of the BBS features probably wouldn't fit in his program.