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Dating violence with college students

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- 1% of male students and 3% of female students reported experiencing attempted sexual penetration without their consent.- 1% of male students and 2% of female students reported experiencing sexual penetration without their consent.As with cases of sexual assault, most incidents of domestic violence go unreported, meaning the number is likely much higher.College-aged women experience a higher rate of partner violence than any other age group.At the same time, 43 percent of the women surveyed who date said they had experienced violence and abuse from a partner — and 60 percent of them said that nobody had stepped up to help.The survey was conducted last fall by research firm Knowledge Networks, which interviewed 330 female and 178 male students from four-year universities across the country about their dating experiences and definitions of abuse.Sadly, college campuses are not always the safe havens they should be.Domestic violence is a serious and widespread issue for college students across North Carolina and throughout the nation.

Last month, Diamoney Greene, a student at the University of South Carolina, was killed by her boyfriend. While not currently at the forefront of a national conversation, domestic violence remains as prevalent an issue among college students as sexual assault.The abuser terrorizes his or her victim using physical force, coercion or threats, and takes advantage of a person he or she claims to care for.Domestic violence can, but doesn’t always, occur in acts of sexual abuse.Unfortunately, young victims of dating violence are often hesitant to come forward because of societal stigma and fear of retribution.The university environment can further exacerbate the fear associated with domestic violence.Thirteen percent of college women say they have been stalked, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.