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Dating why women like bad boys

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They do whatever the hell they want, they follow their own path in life, and sometimes people around them get unintentionally hurt as a result, mostly as a side effect.

It’s one of the reasons why women like bad boys, but not the main one.

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In fact, I promise you that if you read it all and prevent yourself from making the mistakes that I’m going to mention below – you’ll get laid much more often than you do now!

For starters – people’s whole concept of “bad boys” is usually WRONG: The misconception that “bad boys” are bad people is deluded and a complete myth – because the vast majority of girls do not like bad men, or bad people in general.

" Besides, you're most likely attracted to a bad boy's confidence, independence or rebellious, adventurous spirit—traits nice guys have too.

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The whole “alpha fucks, beta bucks” mentality, dread game, negging women in order to prove your value and so on are all ways to try to dress up in bad boy drag and convince women that you’re “alpha”.

Are women predisposed to find men with dark personalities attractive?

Although conventional wisdom maintains that women should beware of men who say and do the right thing with too much ease, they often can't help but find them utterly appealing.

Even though we know we should avoid it, the bad-boy charm is sometimes impossible to resist.

But rather than telling you to stay away, we're arming you with everything you need to know to navigate their world like a pro. There are no surprises, but good guys can surprise you in good ways!