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Updating error ps3

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I own a 320G Play Station 3 slim which I bought February 2011 in London.

I had just finished playing Assassins Creed Revelations(bought in London) and was about to start with Mass Effect 3(bought in Houston Tx) I slotted the disc in and it started downloading update 4.11 On completion of the download, it started installing the update but when it got to 16%, it stopped and showed error code 8002F147.

Please note that Xbox will not be receiving this patch, as the issue only affects Play Station users. PDT (8/6) - Thanks everyone for your continued patience and for helping submit the requested information!

If you continue to experience any issues after downloading and installing the corrective patch, please update the thread. With your assistance we were able to track down the issue more quickly, and believe that we have now established the cause of the issue.

Deleting the game data will still maintain the saved game progress, garage content as well as your credits, but will cause the following side effects: - Please note that deleting the game data file will erase all the previous update files.

The new download and installation process will take a significant amount of time to complete.

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no it turns off during the update not after it finishes the update.never turns on back i have to turn it on by myself then when i do this it says an error occured during the update do you want to try it again?

Restarting the game a few times after this failure occurs may resolve the issue.

If this does not work, please try deleting the existing game data and restart the game to create a new game data file.

There are certain cases in which a message will appear stating “Installation has failed” during the update process of Gran Turismo 6 causing the game start process to fail.

If this occurs, please try to exit and restart the game using the PS button.