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During courtship and dating: Filipino men are always sweet and gentle specially during courtship and dating.It is his best weapon to a woman from being sweet and making sure that a girl feels being protected every time he was there.Many people might be wondering why men prefer Filipinas. Among Asian women, Philippine ladies are the ones who are best known for their exotic and oriental beauty. Sometimes they will delight you with their stories and happy chatter while other times you will observe that daintiness in unexpected situations which is unique to Filipino women.They also exude femininity and are also very alluring. These women are brought up to act and to be finesse, refined, delicate, and proper at all times. Western men like Philippine women as wives because they have good characteristics and personalities all rolled into one petite package.

They will do everything to make their families’ lives more comfortable and they will do whatever they can to help their husbands. Filipino women value their relationships and they are very loyal to their husbands. Men also choose Filipina girls because of their skills in handling money.Giving flowers and presents are good idea and it really works.Filipino men are also best in telling sweet words even when he mean it or not and even when it’s possible or not.” is important, are training themselves to only make a move on a non-Asian women that distinctly signal more forward dating behavior first, before the man does.In other words, he wants a zero-risk, in the bag, sure-thing, 100% guarantee or your money back proposition.Instead of making a move first and then making her attracted to you which she then sends you signals. Every woman I’ve dated is physically (if not socially) out of my league.