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Yet, the Zune does have a lot of things going for it. Think first-generation i Pod with a 30GB hard drive inside. Zune’s interfaces (the controls you use) are very well thought out. And the most important thing – the Zune seems to work as advertised.

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brand, rather than trying to leave it behind in pursuit of bigger fame like movie careers.

Alas, the two broke up in April amidst cheating rumors.After enough time, wondering, fears of rejection, and just giving into desires, Jared and Jensen realized they needed each other more than anyone else. It's a happy marriage and Jensen decides to with the help of Jared and Misha to make a scrapbook of your relationship the last 10 years.Their careers stood in the way of being together publicly, but privately, it was everything they both wanted and more. This my first X Reader and my first story that focuses a lot on flashback. You're 34 only 5 years younger Jensen nothing too big.Labyrinthine, important, and intensely indulging, FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS is a vivid and revealing glimpse of reality.Shocking betrayals, devastating losses, and costly miscalculations have ...If it gets confusing just PM me or leave a comment hopefully we won't have to do that. Jensen had organized and planned this assassination for weeks, months even. He was not prepared, however, for his target's kid to come home early from boarding school. If people would stop meddling in his personal affairs, maybe everybody else would be fine too.