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With validation, users can submit their comment and instantly see if they’ve hit an issue.

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Sanitizes a html classname to ensure it only contains valid characters.This functionality can be replicated in the old prepare( "SELECT something FROM table WHERE foo = %s and status = %d", $name, // an unescaped string (function will do the sanitization for you) $status // an untrusted integer (function will do the sanitization for you) ) ); Header splitting attacks are annoying since they are dependent on the HTTP client.Word Press has little need to include user generated content in HTTP headers, but when it does, Word Press typically uses whitelisting for most of its HTTP headers.Update (): I’ve updated the script here, primarily to jump to the latest version of the bassistance plugin.This article will teach you how to add validation to your Word Press comment forms, using j Query.I'm trying to implement the form validation that can be found at: I can get the demo above working, but when I implement it on my wordpress site no validation occurs.